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Moroccan Berber Rug BER881 (320cm x 160cm)

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Moroccan Berber Rug

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This genuine Moroccan Berber rug measures 320cm x 160cm and was handmade by Aya, a Berber weaver. We photograph each of the rugs individually so the Berber rug you see here is the one you will receive. These stunning rugs are handwoven by the tribe women of the Atlas Mountains who have practised this style of rug making for centuries. Passed down through the generations, their rug-making art has been perfected through the years, and this timeless classic is guaranteed to transform your interior.??

  • Off-street parking available
  • Handwoven with natural organic wool
  • Delivered in recycled packaging
  • No-fuss 14 day return policy

Manufacturing: Woven by hand 

Thickness (approx): 25mm 

Origin: Morocco 

Pile: Moroccan Wool 

The beauty of the Berber rug cannot be understated, but what takes it one step further is the durability that makes it a worthwhile investment; the practice of hand-weaving has been around for centuries so you can be sure this rug will stand the test of time. Outstanding characteristics, such as the one-of-a-kind patterns and sumptuous texture have made them a favourite among our customers. This Berber rug is wonderfully versatile and is suited to both traditional and contemporary spaces for the ideal floor covering. 

We travel to Morocco on a regular basis to build mutually beneficial relationships with the Berber women who weave our rugs. This ensures that we acquire only the finest Beni Ourain rugs available. We always offer a fair price for each original textile we purchase, and therefore the weavers are compensated for their dedicated work and artistic talent 

Beni Ourain Rug Care 

Berber rugs have been made for years which is testament to their great durability. This is helped by the natural lanolin contained in the dense fibres of the wool, which creates a natural resistance to stains and dirt. Most stains can be removed relatively easily with warm water and mild soap solution. 

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