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Authentic Cowhide Rugs Add Beauty and Style to Any Home

Authentic Cowhide Rugs Add Beauty and Style to Any Home

Posted by The London Cows Team on 30th Jun 2021

Genuine cowhide rugs look attractive and luxurious in any type of dwelling. Their popularity has not diminished over the years, and that is not surprising when their many positive features and benefits are taken into consideration. They remain in high demand virtually everywhere, and those who invest in them never have any regrets. This is because they offer aesthetic appeal, longevity, and outstanding versatility.

Authentic Rugs for All Tastes and Preferences

With regard to home interiors, shoppers‘ preferences are as diverse as the home in which they live. For this reason, cowhide rugs are an exceptional choice, since no two are exactly alike and there is always an expansive number of options from which to choose. For instance, one can purchase a rug featuring a single colour, as well as those that boast multiple shades, unique patterns, or distinct black and white or brown and white designs. Traditional patterns or those that feature intricate designs are also available. Ultimately, the options are limited only by the consumer’s imagination. Below are some aspects shoppers should consider when making their choice:

Two-Coloured Authentic Cowhide Rugs

For those who enjoy rugs featuring traditional patterns and colours, a brown and white or black and white cowhide is perfect. A rug of this type boasts a classic design that is both cosy and elegant, making it perfect for use as the focal point of a living room or as a centrepiece in a family room, bedroom, or study. These classic patterns appeal to those whose homes have traditional decor, but are not limited to that use. This best-loved design also blends seamlessly with abstract, modern, country or eclectic decor. Therefore, shoppers should have no hesitation if this is the type of genuine cowhide that appeals to them most.

Speckled Cowhide Rugs Attractive in Their Own Right

A fun and popular option, speckled cowhide rugs feature a unique and unusual combination of white, beige, chestnut, chocolate and taupe colours. They are a failsafe choice for dwellings featuring traditional or abstract interior design. However, speckled cow skins are highly versatile, and can also be used with other types of decor. Because they feature a distinct pattern showcasing a variety of shades, they never clash with furniture or draperies, regardless of the home’s colour scheme. Therefore, even if you frequently redecorate, speckled cowhides are always appropriate.

Brindle Cowhides Add a Sophisticated Touch

Brindle cowhides are a favourite amongst many shoppers because of their relative rarity and striking combination of colours. Often referred to as a “tiger stripe” design, the Brindle rug features numerous shades that merge across the hide to create a unique and eye-catching surface. An outstanding choice for rooms in which the cow skin is being used as a centrepiece, the Brindle rug is a stalwart choice for virtually any home, particularly if the consumer’s goal is a sophisticated touch.

Patchwork Cowhides in a Class by Themselves

Patchwork cowhide rugs are sometimes considered one of the most unusual options of a cowhide rug line. As their name implies, they are manufactured from genuine cowhide; however, they also boast a traditional patchwork pattern. A terrific conversation piece and an excellent option for virtually any kind of decor, it is impossible to go wrong with patchwork cowhide rugs.

Metallic Options for an Unusual Accent

Shoppers looking for something a bit on the exotic side should give some thought to metallic cowhide rugs. The luxurious, soft surface these rugs feature is the same as their traditional counterparts; they simply have a fashionable metallic design that creates a unique contrast to the hide’s natural pattern. An option that somehow manages to be contemporary and traditional at the same time, metallic cow skins have become a mainstay on the home interiors market.

Nontraditional Uses

Do not forget that cowhides are not limited to a single use, as a rug. They can also double as throws, table covers, or even an interesting wall hanging. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and offer exceptional longevity. Let your imagination run wild with one or more of these lovely, genuine animal skin rugs and see the difference they make in your home.