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Single Sheepskins

Our single sheepskin rugs are a bestseller due to their versatile nature and aesthetic appeal. For example, you can instantly make a hard chair soft by simply draping one of these sumptuous rugs over its back. Placing a single sheepskin rug on a footstool is a terrific way to provide a haven for tired feet, and this size sheepskin also works well as a luxurious bath mat. They can be wrapped around cushions or bed pillows to create unparalleled softness for your head and neck, and are excellent for use in a nursery due to their unparalleled softness. 

These single sheepskins make an ideal rug in front of a chair, sofa or fireplace. Our sheepskin products feature longer hair than many competitors’ products, meaning their look and feel is softer and more opulent. Choose from a broad range of colours, including white, black, plum, gray or chocolate. Neutral colours such as taupe and ivory are available as well. Let your imagination soar and use these versatile rugs for anything you have in mind. 


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