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Quad Sheepskins

If you think your home needs something new and you are not quite sure what it is, you owe it to yourself to browse our beautiful range of quad sheepskin rugs. Our high quality assortment offers the best in beauty and durability, and our large quad sheepskins can be used in a number of ways. You can add a luxurious touch to an otherwise drab room with a quad sheepskin rug strategically placed as the room’s focal point, or positioned in front of an entertainment center or in a bedroom. These options are guaranteed to add both warmth and style to the room.

A quad sheepskin rug is also a great choice for a foyer or entryway, as it allows visitors to walk into a lovely, welcoming environment. Our sheepskin rugs feature long hair that keeps them softer and more plush than cheaper varieties. Fortunately, complicated cleaning and care are not required for quad sheepskin rugs, making them a perfect choice for busy families and those who are searching for low maintenance items with which to dress up a home. Purchase a quad sheepskin rug in black, white, champagne, gray and other terrific shades, or buy several for use in various areas of your interiors. Easy to care for, beautiful and versatile, a quad sheepskin rug can be used to great advantage in virtually any room in your home.


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