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Double Sheepskins

Beautifying your home is easy when you add sumptuous, luxurious double sheepskin rugs to your decor. Any area of your home can be enhanced with a rug of this kind. One of the most versatile sizes we offer is the double sheepskin rug. You can use a double sheepskin rug as a floor covering in front of a sofa or fireplace, or lay it over a bed for extra warmth. This size is also the perfect for use as a carpet on either side of your bed, so that you can step into plush softness, rather than a scratchy synthetic rug or a hardwood floor.

Because of their narrow shape, double sheepskins are ideal for use as a runner in a hallway, where they not only enhance the look of the area, but also cut down on drafts. If you have a living room chair that you wish was more comfortable or a sofa that needs a covering, a double sheepskin is an excellent solution. Elegant sheepskin rugs add a unique touch to your interiors, but also blend divinely with your current decorating scheme. No matter how often you want to change the interior design of your home, your sheepskin rug will always fit right in. We offer double sheepskin rugs in a variety of rich, neutral colours, so add texture and depth to the rooms that need it most with an attractive, versatile sheepskin rug.


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