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Cowhide Cushions Offer Endless Decorating Ideas

Cowhide Cushions Offer Endless Decorating Ideas

Posted by The London Cows Team on 10th Sep 2021

The first thing you should do after investing in a cowhide rug is add cowhide cushions to your decor. Having extra cowskin accents in the same room sets the style and makes it even more eye-popping. Cowhide cushions come in numerous colours and patterns, making it easy to find the best ones for your home. Below are more tips on how to decorate with these attractive accessories:

Create Contrast With Striking Patterns

genuine cowhide cushion is a small accessory that packs a big punch. If you think one or more of the rooms in your home are bland or boring, adding a pair of cowhide pillows in a striking pattern is a quick way to brighten up and modernise the area.

For example, if you have neutral coloured furniture, choose large cowhide cushions with bold patterns, such as black and white or brown and white designs.This creates an accent point in the room that takes the decor up a notch.

If the furniture in the room already features a bold shade, you can still create an interesting contrast with authentic cowhide cushions. For example, if your furniture features blue, red or green fabric, choose cowhide cushions in white, solid black or lush dark brown. This adds a great touch without overwhelming the room with too many different colours or patterns.

When decorating with these attractive accessories, don’t forget your favourite armchair. There’s no such thing as having too many pillows in a living room, as they essentially belong anywhere your family or friends will be gathering. So drop a large cowhide cushion on an easy chair, place two small ones on either end of a loveseat, or go all out and pile several on the floor for an ultra-casual seating arrangement.

Add Flair to a Bedroom With Attractive Cowhide

Regardless of whether or not your master bedroom features a cowhide theme or more traditional decor, cowhide pillows can be used to infuse style into the room. Invest in several small cow skin cushions and arrange them at the top of your bed in whatever pattern you find most appealing. If your bedroom is decorated in pale or neutral colours, choose cowhide cushions in bold patterns or deep shades for contrast.

Don’t forget that cow skin cushions can also be placed on footstools, chairs, window seats or any area of your bedroom you think needs an extra special touch.

Additional Unique and interesting Uses

Perhaps it is not something that many consumers would think of, but cowhide cushions can be used for entirely decorative purposes in unusual places. For example, a cowhide cushion can be positioned in the corner of a broad shelf in a child’s room or nursery as a purely decorative object.

Several cowhide cushions can also be placed among a collection of houseplants if you have a sun room that features a lot of greenery. The contrast of brown and white or black and white cowskin among green leaves or flowers creates a sophisticated, yet earthy display that is both eye-catching and unique.

If you have loungers on a screened in porch, pile on the cow skin pillows to create a fancy but homey look. You can even prop a cowhide pillow in the corner of your kitchen on top of a stool. This adds an ornamental touch to a room that is typically thought of as merely functional.

Cowhide cushions are texturally comforting and soft. They come in an endless number of natural patterns and colours, from dual colour and tri-colour combinations, to brindles, solid blacks and pale shades. The variety offered allows you to find a top quality set of cowskin pillows for anything you have in mind.