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Endless Decorating Options Offered by Cowhide Furniture

Endless Decorating Options Offered by Cowhide Furniture

Posted by The London Cows Team on 14th Jun 2021

When cowhide comes to mind with regard to decorating, most people think about rugs. Of course, such rugs are beautiful and durable, and add a charming touch to a home. However, there are numerous other items made from cow skin that can be used to take your home interior from ordinary to extraordinary. There are many creative ways in which some pieces can be used, whether you are decorating one room or your entire home. When you combine cowhide furniture with cow skin rugs, it gives your home a one-of-a-kind look. Below are some cowhide decorating tips that you may find helpful:

A Delightful Alternative to Traditional Footstools

To get started with your cowhide furniture decorating, consider a simple touch such as the addition of one or more cowhide cubes. These items work great as an alternative to conventional footstools and can be used in front of essentially any type of chair, sofa or armchair. In addition, these attractive pieces can be placed alongside a chair or sofa as an end table, or they can be put in a bedroom as a stand to place things on. They can even be used as a decorative item in a foyer or hallway. The patterns available include brindle, speckled, classic designs and solid colours. This makes it easy to find the perfect cube for anything you have in mind.

Breathe New Life Into Your Home With Cowhide Armchairs and Dining Room Chairs

Imagine eliminating old, tired armchairs or dining room chairs and replacing them with trendy, sophisticated genuine cowhide pieces. Try a set of Hurlingham club chairs in a tri-coloured speckled design or a traditional brown and white cow pattern. Placing such chairs in your living room immediately brightens and updates the area. Don’t forget rooms like your bedroom or den as well, which are places that can also benefit greatly from a beautiful new club chair upholstered in authentic cowhide.

Similarly, you can replace drab, dull dining room chairs with those featuring real cow skin. With their high backs and plush surfaces, cowhide dining chairs are both fashionable and practical. Their unique patterns, colours and designs complement any dining room.

They can be purchased in a vast array of colours and patterns, including black and white, brown and white, speckled or brindle motifs. Whether you prefer bold or subtle patterns, contrasting colours, or dark, neutral or light shades, the exact chairs you want are available. Just like our cubes and armchairs, each genuine cowhide dining room chair is 100% unique.

Don’t forget our Tolix chairs as well, as these are a great option if you enjoy indoor-outdoor dining and are looking for something durable yet fashionable. Made from genuine cowhide and galvanized steel, these chairs are perfect for any occasion.

Barstools Add an Unusual Touch to Any Home

If you have been thinking about adding an interesting touch to your home and want an item that offers a bit more character than the typical accessory, consider adding beautiful authentic cowskin barstools to your furniture collection. They can be used in a breakfast nook, for extra seating in a home office or family room, or even simply used as a decorative piece anywhere you have a blank space that needs a touch of class. Available in a virtually limitless number of patterns and colours, you can choose from traditional favourites or opt for designs that feature multiple shades or less common patterns. You can also choose between classic or backless models.


Don’t forget cowhide cushions when you are purchasing your furnishings, as genuine cowhide cushions add the perfect finishing touch to any new pieces you decide to add to your home.

Caring for Cowhide

Fortunately, genuine cowhide requires little or no maintenance, provided you do not abuse the pieces and address spills as soon as they occur. Other than that, your cowhide furniture or rugs should keep their sumptuous appearance and texture for a very long time. 

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