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How to Make the Most of Your Genuine Cowhide Footstool

How to Make the Most of Your Genuine Cowhide Footstool

Posted by The London Cows Team on 17th Aug 2021

Virtually everyone finds something to like about genuine cowhide, particularly when it comes in the form of a luxurious rug or piece of furniture. However, a cowhide footstool is sometimes an overlooked and underappreciated staple. In reality, this piece of furniture is a multifunctional treasure.

Because cowskin ottomans/footstools come in a broad range of patterns and shades, and virtually always impact your living space in a positive way, they are a failsafe choice for essentially any interior. The tough, hair-on-hide surface of genuine cowhide is beautiful, tanned to perfection, and makes an attractive and practical addition to any room. It can be a footstool for a sofa, accent chair or your favourite armchair, and these are probably the most popular uses for this furniture piece. Fortunately, there are numerous other ways you can decorate with these beautiful footstools as well.

Replace a Boring Side Table with a Cowskin Footstool

If you have dull, lacklustre side tables or cocktail tables in your living room, consider replacing them with cowhide footstools. Because they are durable and hard wearing, they are perfect for this use and instantly brighten any area where they are placed. Consider a pair of small, classic brown and white ottomans to use on either end of your sofa as side tables. You may also enjoy placing a rich dark brown or speckled cowhide footstool in the centre of a seating area for use as a coffee table.

Dress up a Bland Hallway

If you have a foyer or hallway that needs a special touch, add some aesthetic appeal to the area with a lovely cowhide footstool in a pale colour or pattern. Ottomans are not just for resting your feet on, but can also be used as a place to sit. For this reason, you may also wish to position one near your front door, as this makes a convenient place for guests to sit down to remove muddy or wet shoes.

Create an Inviting and Visually Appealing Seating Area

Creating an attractive seating area is a favourite use of cowhide footstools amongst many consumers. This is because they provide additional seating for family members and visitors, but don’t visually close up the space as would be the case with large recliners or chairs that have high backs. You can choose footstools with similar colours and patterns or create an eclectic collection of these pieces to make a fun and casual environment.

Use a Single Cowskin Footstool as an Accent Piece

Authentic cowhide footstools can also be used for purely decorative reasons. For example, if your home features modern or abstract decor, try placing a stunning, zebra print cowskin ottoman by a fireplace, under a window, or to fill any empty, boring space. This is guaranteed to be a small touch that makes a big impact in the room.

Additional Decorating Considerations

Additional uses include using a pair of identical cowhide footstools across from a coffee table and sofa. A cowskin ottoman can also be substituted for a dining room bench as well, or placed under a console table.

Keep in mind that you can also pair authentic cowhide footstools with sofas,armchairs and accent chairs that do not feature cowskin patterns. Because genuine cow hide typically boasts neutral colours or can be acquired in solid shades, you never have to worry about them clashing with your current furniture’s patterns and colours. Therefore, even if your home is not entirely decorated in cowhide, these attractive and luxurious footstools still blend in perfectly.

Lightweight and Easy to Rearrange

Additionally, ottomans are light in weight, making them easy to move when you need a different seating arrangement. Afterwards, they can be moved back to their original position without much difficulty. Acquiring a genuine cow skin footstool with casters makes it even easier to move. So if you plan to move your footstools very frequently, this may be the best idea.

Ultimately, when you use cowhide footstools in your own way to dress up your home, you’ll enjoy a sense of satisfaction and individuality. So don’t overlook this handy piece of furniture that boasts many practical and decorative characteristics. Let your imagination roam and add one or more of these lovely pieces to your home today.